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Our Menus Our Wines Christmas Menus 2014
Our Menus Our Wines xmas menu
True italian flavours from our unique range of delicious starters, main courses and deserts...
Try our exclusive range of Italian wines from the leading wine growing regions...
2014 Christmas Menus now available. Book Now as we only have limited places available...
Set Lunch Menu Our Exclusive Wines Christmas Menu 2014
A La Carte Wine Shop (Coming Soon)  

Did you know?

The Sherden (also known as Serden or Shardana) sea pirates are one of several groups
of "Sea Peoples" who appear in fragmentary historical records (Egyptian inscriptions)
for the Mediterranean region in the second millennium B.C.; little is known about them.
On reliefs they are shown carrying a round shield and a long thrusting Naue II type
sword. They are shown wearing a complicated armour corselet of overlapping bands
of either leather or metal, and a horned helmet surmounted with a balled spike at
the top.